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West Side Story Suite

 ComposerLeonard Bernstein
 MusicPrologue, Something′s Coming, Dance at the Gym, Cool, America, Rumble, Somwhere Ballet
 LyricsStephen Sondheim
 Choreographerwith Peter Gennaro
 DancersRobert LaFosse (Tony); Elena Diner (Maria); Jock Soto (Bernardo); Nancy Ticotin (Anita); Nikolaj Hubbe (Riff); Natalie Toro (Rosalia)
 SceneryOliver Smith
 CostumesIrene Sharaff
 LightingJennifer Tipton
 PremiereMay 18, 1995, New York State Theater, New York City Ballet

 Casting Reqs41 Dancers: Tony, Riff, Bernardo, Anita, Maria, Rosalia; 9 Jet boys, 10 Jet girls; 8 Shark boys, 8 Shark girls
 Requirements5 Singers in pit (1 on stage for Something′s Coming, possibly 11 on stage for America and Cool if dancer can′t sing)
 Running Time36′
 Notes"West Side Story", set in 1957, is based on Shakespeare′s "Romeo & Juliet". The musical opened on September 26 of that year and the movie followed in 1960. Mr. Robbins extracted a sequence of dances from "West Side Story" to make this Suite.

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