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Jerome Robbins

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Two's Company

Two's Company
 BookCharles Sherman & Peter DeVries
 ComposerVernon Duke, Sheldon Harnick
 LyricsOgden Nash, Sammy Cahn, Sheldon Harnick
 DirectorJules Dassin
 ChoreographerJerome Robbins
 LeadsBette Davis; Hiram Sherman; David Burns; Bill Callahan; Stanley Prager; Ellen Hanley; Maria Karnilova; George S. Irving; Nora Kaye; Buzz Miller; Oliver Wakefield; Peter Kelley
 DancersWilliam Inglis; John Kelly; Ralph Linn; Job Sanders; Stanley Simmons; Florence Baum; Jeanna Beldin; Eleanor Boleyn; Barbara Heath; Dorothy Hill; Julie Marlowe; Helen Murielle.
Robert Orton′s Teen Aces: Robert Orton; Francis Edwards; Henry Mallory; Gilbert Shipley; Armstead Shobey; Norman Shobey.
 SceneryRalph Alswang
 CostumesMiles White
 PremiereDecember 15, 1952, Alvin Theatre; New York City


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