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Jerome Robbins

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Look Ma, I'm Dancin'

 BookJerome Lawrence & Robert E. Lee
 ComposerHugh Martin
 LyricsHugh Martin
 DirectorGeorge Abbott & Jerome Robbins
 ChoreographerJerome Robbins
 LeadsNancy Walker (Lily Malloy)
Harold Lang (Eddie Winkler)
Janet Reed (Ann Bruce)
Alice Pearce (Dusty Lee)
Don Liberto (Wotan)
Loren Welch (Larry)
Virginia Gorski (Snow White)
Rommy Rall (Tommy)
Robert H. Harris (F. Plancek)
Katherine Sergava (Tanya Drinskaya)
Alexander March (Vladimir Lubov)
Raul Celada (Tanya′s Partner)
 DancersMargaret Banks; Mary Broussard; Julie Curtis; Clare Duffy; June Graham; Nina Frenkin; Priscilla Hathaway; Douglas Luther; Bettye McCormack; Gloria Patrice; James Pollack; Dottie Pyrfn; Walter Rinner; Marten Sameth; Walter Stane; Robert Tucker
 SceneryOliver Smith
 CostumesJohn Pratt
 PremiereJanuary 29, 1948, Adelphi Theatre, New York City

 NotesScenario by Jerome Robbins.

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