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 ComposerLeonard Bernstein
 MusicDybbuk (commissioned by New York City Ballet)
 DancersPatricia McBride, Helgi Tomasson, Bart Cook, Victor Castelli, Tracy Bennett, Hermes Conde
 SceneryRouben Ter-Arutunian
 CostumesPatricia Zipprodt
 LightingJennifer Tipton
 PremiereMay 16, 1974, New York State Theater, New York City Ballet

 Casting Reqs20 Dancers: 1 principal woman, 1 principal man; 4 demi women; 7 corps men, 7 corps women
 Requirementsorchestra; singers
 Running Time44′
 NotesIn Central-European Jewish folklore, a dybbuk is a spirit, lost and restless, which enters and persists in the body of a living person. The body possessed acts and speaks with the voice and behavior of the dead one. The most famous treatment of this theme is S. Ansky′s play, The Dybbuk, renowned in its original Yiddish version and through many subsequent international productions.

This ballet is not a retelling of Ansky′s play but uses it as a point of departure for a series of related dances concerning rituals and hallucinations which are present in the dark magico-religious ambience of the play and in the obsessions of its characters.

Portions of this ballet have also appeared as "The Dybbuk Variations" and "Suite of Dances".

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