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Premiere: June 15, 1953Ford 50th Anniversary Show TELEVISION 
Premiere: February 18, 1954, City Center of Music and Drama, New York City BalletQuartet BALLET 
Premiere: April 1, 1954, New York City OperaThe Tender Land OPERA 
Premiere: May 13, 1954, St. James Theatre; New York CityThe Pajama Game MUSICALS 
Premiere: October 20, 1954, Winter Garden Theatre; New York CityPeter Pan MUSICALS 
Premiere: February 24, 1955Silk Stockings SHOWS DOCTORED 
Premiere: March 7, 1955Peter Pan TELEVISION 
Premiere: March 6, 1956, City Center of Music and Drama, New York City BalletThe Concert (Or, The Perils of Everybody) BALLET 
Premiere: June 28, 1956, New York CityThe King and I MOTION PICTURES 
Premiere: November 29, 1956, Shubert Theatre; New York CityBells Are Ringing MUSICALS 
Premiere: September 26, 1957, Winter Garden Theatre; New York CityWest Side Story MUSICALS 
Premiere: June 8, 1958, Festival of Two Worlds, Spoleto, Italy; Ballets: U.S.A.N.Y. Export: Opus Jazz BALLET 
Premiere: September 4, 1958, Alvin Theatre, Ballets: U.S.A.3 X 3 BALLET 
Premiere: May 21, 1959, Broadway Theatre; New York CityGypsy MUSICALS 
Premiere: July 3, 1959, ″Teatro Nuovo Spoleto, Italy; Ballets: U.S.A.Moves BALLET 
Premiere: February 20, 1960Ed Sullivan Show TELEVISION 
Premiere: July 12, 1961, Teatro Nuovo, Spoleto, Italy; Ballets: U.S.A.Events BALLET 
Premiere: December 13, 1961, Los Angeles (New York premiere: October 18, 1961West Side Story MOTION PICTURES 
Premiere: May 8, 1962, Alvin Theatre; New York CityA Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum SHOWS DOCTORED 
Premiere: March 28, 1963, Martin Beck Theatre; New York CityMother Courage and Her Children PLAYS 
Premiere: August 27, 1963, Morosco Theatre; New York CityOh Dad, Poor Dad, Mama′s Hung You in the Closet and I′m Feelin′ So Sad PLAYS 
Premiere: March 26, 1964, Winter Garden Theatre; New York CityFunny Girl MUSICALS 
Premiere: September 22, 1964, Imperial Theatre; New York CityFiddler on the Roof MUSICALS 
Premiere: January 24, 1965Histoire du Soldat BALLET 
Premiere: March 30, 1965, New York State Theatre, Ballet TheatreLes Noces BALLET 

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