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Jerome Robbins

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MUSICALS High Button Shoes Premiere: October 9, 1947
MUSICALS Jerome Robbins' Broadway Premiere: February 26, 1989
MUSICALS Look Ma, I'm Dancin' Premiere: January 29, 1948
MUSICALS Miss Liberty Premiere: July 15, 1949
MUSICALS On the Town Premiere: December 28, 1944
MUSICALS Peter Pan Premiere: October 20, 1954
MUSICALS The King and I Premiere: March 29, 1951
MUSICALS The Pajama Game Premiere: May 13, 1954
MUSICALS Two's Company Premiere: December 15, 1952
MUSICALS West Side Story Premiere: September 26, 1957
OPERA The Tender Land Premiere: April 1, 1954
PLAYS Mother Courage and Her Children Premiere: March 28, 1963
PLAYS Oh Dad, Poor Dad, Mama′s Hung You in the Closet and I′m Feelin′ So Sad Premiere: August 27, 1963
SHOWS DOCTORED A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum Premiere: May 8, 1962
SHOWS DOCTORED A Tree Grows in Brooklyn Premiere: April 19, 1951
SHOWS DOCTORED Silk Stockings Premiere: February 24, 1955
SHOWS DOCTORED Wish You Were Here Premiere: June 25, 1952
SHOWS DOCTORED Wonderful Town Premiere: February 25, 1953
TELEVISION Baryshnikov at the White House Premiere: May 6, 1979
TELEVISION Dance in America: Choreography by Jerome Robbins with the New York City Ballet Premiere: May 2, 1986
TELEVISION Dance in America: In Memory of... A Ballet by Jerome Robbins Premiere: January 16, 1987
TELEVISION Dance in America: Two Duets Premiere: February 20, 1980
TELEVISION Ed Sullivan Show Premiere: February 20, 1960
TELEVISION Ford 50th Anniversary Show Premiere: June 15, 1953
TELEVISION Live from Studio 8H: An Evening with Jerome Robbins and Members of the New York City Ballet Premiere: July 2, 1980

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