Jerome Robbins Centennial Celebration

2018 is the year the world comes together to celebrate the centennial of Jerome Robbins (1918–1998). The Jerome Robbins Centennial is a global celebration of the 100th birthday of Jerome Robbins, the director and choreographer whose creative genius during the 20th century continues today.

Having created film, theater and dance that has resonated for generations, Robbins is rightfully regarded as a towering figure in American cultural history. Jerome Robbins’ legacy from the last century is assured and his influence is ongoing. During 2018, the Jerome Robbins Centennial will celebrate the life and career of the cultural giant with performances, screenings, events, exhibitions and discussions around the world.

On this page you will find links to help you discover these celebrations of Robbins’ artistic accomplishments throughout the year, in addition to news of Robbins Centennial events as they take place.