Jerome Robbins Centennial Celebration

2018 is the year the world comes together to celebrate the centennial of Jerome Robbins (1918–1998). The Jerome Robbins Centennial is a global celebration of the 100th birthday of Jerome Robbins, the director and choreographer whose creative genius during the 20th century continues today.

Having created film, theater and dance that has resonated for generations, Robbins is rightfully regarded as a towering figure in American cultural history. Jerome Robbins’ legacy from the last century is assured and his influence is ongoing. During 2018, the Jerome Robbins Centennial will celebrate the life and career of the cultural giant with performances, screenings, events, exhibitions and discussions around the world.

On this page you will find links to help you discover these celebrations of Robbins’ artistic accomplishments throughout the year, in addition to news of Robbins Centennial events as they take place.

Jerome Robbins Centennial Events


Summary of Events


Robbins 100 NYCB

May 3, 2018
To mark the centennial of Jerome Robbins' birth, New York City Ballet has assembled a collection of some of his most celebrated works. The Robbins 100 is a tribute to our Co-Founding Choreographer's remarkable contributions to classical dance at large and his indelible impact on the NYCB repertory.


The New York Public Library for the Performing Arts

The New York Public Library for the Performing Arts’ Jerome Robbins Dance Division has selected its new class of dance research fellows, generously funded by the Dance Committee for the Division. This class of six fellows was chosen by a diverse panel and, to celebrate Robbins' centenary, will focus their projects on the Jerome Robbins papers, as well as the many resources related to his work within the Library, such as the video and audio materials he donated.


The Jerome Robbins Centennial Timeline

The Jerome Robbins Centennial Timeline is a year-to-year look at the significant events, experiences and passages in Jerome Robbins’ life and story.

As it evolves, the Timeline will detail each major event in Jerome Robbins’ life, along with related historical incidents. Arranged in chronological order, it provides a sequence of the important events that have taken place in the century since his birth. Laying out in linear fashion facts sometimes thought of as "insignificant" in other contexts, enables a correlation of the information in a more meaningful manner.

Come back often and enjoy this evolving glance at the happenings, performances, and occasions that took place during, and helped create, what was undoubtedly a golden age for theater and dance in America.